Seriously. Someone takes a photo under her dress as she’s getting out of a car. She happens to not be wearing underwear. And in an interview Matt Lauer immediately  asks her what she learned from this experience. As if it was something she intentionally did and had to apologize for. But Ms. Hathaway did not miss a beat. She answered the question by stating that it made her sad that someone would take such a photo and sell it instead of deleting it and that (as shown in the gif above) she’s sorry we live in such a culture where this is acceptable. And then she turned it right back to Les Miserables, by relating it to her character who becomes a prostitute to provide for her daughter. She has continually been an outspoken gay rights advocate. She also fights against the media’s perception of beauty by playing down her weight loss in certain films. She doesn’t talk about how she did it and how awesome it made her feel. She avoids the question because it shouldn’t matter and little girls at home watching her shouldn’t have to be exposed to that message of “the skinnier, the better.” Especially in the case of Les Mis, when her character is starving, which shouldn’t be a body image role model.

Look, I’ve loved Anne Hathaway since The Princess Diaries and I’ve always thought she was a brilliant actress. I’ve also met her. She is one of the kindest, friendliest, and most genuine people (not just celebrity) I have ever met. She’s the real deal. We should all appreciate the goddess that is Anne Hathaway.

I’m reblogging this because Frances won’t go see Les Misérables with me because she doesn’t like Anne Hathaway. Whatever!

Did anyone else watch the show Get Real religiously like me and my friends?

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